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Karl’s Questions begin over fifteen years ago as a weekly column in a newspaper called, “The Point.”  The Point was a student newspaper for an evangelical Christian liberal arts college called, Point Loma Nazarene College (now it’s University).  The purpose of the column was to create a dialogue about religious ideas found in campus life.  Most students did not appreciate the multitude of questions about their faith but some appreciated the intellectual approach to their faith.  The resurrection of Karl’s Questions has been a long process and thanks to persuasive friends, it found its way to this blog.

Karl’s Questions examines notions found in everyday life, politics, and Christianity.  Christianity was chosen as an area of exploration because it is the narrative of the author’s spirituality and not a statement of exclusion of other narratives.  The objective of Karl’s Questions is to interrogate a particular aspect of varies topics not to make any universal conclusions. Although, it should not be assumed there is a lack of opinion found in the entries.  As in most interrogations, the interrogator does come with an agenda but the answers to these topics are still left for someone else.  At Karl’s Questions, opinions or answers are primarily left to its readers.

Karl’s Questions encourages answers, comments and even questions from its readers.  In fact, both readers and their comments are major ingredients to the interrogation of ideas.  There are a few rules in order to post comments.  First, in order to comment the reader must fill out name and email address.  This will help prevent the anonymous comments.  Also all comments are reviewed by Karl’s Questions to prevent unacceptable language and spam-like comments.  So, let the comments rain!!