A prayer @ the start of a new adventure

This post will not be the typical Karl’s Questions essay but a prayer written by the same author as the customary Socratic discourse.

This prayer was written for some friends of mine who were moving to New York to begin a new stage in their lives.  This young family was leaving their family and friends on the west coast and relocating themselves to not only a new state but also a new career and different environment.

O God, we stand in Your presence with those who are beginning their new adventure and we cannot help but come carrying various complex feelings of excitement, happiness, fear, concern and sadness.

In these times, we reach for security yet we only find Your loving presence.

In these times, we reach for answers, yet we only find Your listening heart.

In these times, we reach for assurance, yet we only find Your peaceful trust.

In these times, we hold tight to our pre-defined understanding of Your comfort, yet we only find You calling us to let go and experience Your unexpected and matchless strength.

In these times, we reach to receive from You, yet we only find Your joy in giving ourselves to You and each other.

O God, it is because of Your love, we stand before You with our vulnerability not asking for Your nearness because You are always with us instead we ask for the courage to open ourselves to Your life-affirming love.  For it is because of Your unwavering love and gentle courage, we can be Your loving presence to each other.

O God may Your loving presence be made “real” to those who embark on a new stage in life and may we be Your loving “arms and legs” to them and to others.

We ask in the name of Jesus.  Amen.